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About Me


Hi, I'm Caitlin
Owner & lead videographer

Hi! I'm Caitlin Pitt! I come from a small town in Washington but ended up in the big city to pursue my passion for filmmaking. In 2017 I graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a Bachelor's degree in Film Production. Ever since, I've been freelancing full time telling the stories of others through my lens. 

Weddings are a happy place for me. Whether a luxurious wedding in an elegant castle or simply an intimate backyard wedding, love is a magical thing no matter the setting. And I love it all! Hence, A Shot Of Love Films was born. Since starting the business, I have created an amazing team of videographers and photographers who have documented so many precious memories for our couples. 

We are Los Angeles wedding videographers but have traveled all over the country to capture those special moments for couples. Our main goal is to make YOU happy. We would be elated to tell your love story and have some fun with you on your special day. So let's get to it, and dance the night away!


My Favorite Things

01 My fur baby

Meet Kalbi, the most active pug you've ever met! He LOVES running around at the dog park, cuddling with his human (me!) and most importantly: EATING.


IMG_2289 2.HEIC

02 Travelling

It's tough for me to stay in one place! Every time I come back from a trip, I start planning the next one! Whether for work or for fun, I always enjoy going new places. My favorite place in the world is Amsterdam!


03 A Good Cocktail!

There's nothing better than a refreshing cocktail in the evening! Whether it's out at a bar or a night in, I love trying and also creating new cocktails. My favorite is a classic, a good ol' vodka cranberry!


04 Dancing!

I can think of no better way to unwind than a good night of dancing! I may not be the best dancer, but I always have a good time. Whether it's line dancing at a country bar or getting down to some hip hop, you will ALWAYS find me on the dance floor.


This is Me...

Where in the world has Caitlin been all my life?

Fun fact! I've travelled to 22 different countries and 26 different states. So if you're wondering where I've been all your life, the answer is probably all around! Check out everywhere I've been below!

Around The World

1. Bahamas

2. Canada

3. China

4. France

5. Germany

6. Guatemala

7. Hungary

8. Ireland


9. Hong Kong 

10. Italy 

11. Japan

12. Malaysia

13. Mexico

14. Netherlands

15. Poland

16. South Korea

17. Spain

18. Switzerland

19. Thailand

20. United States

21. United Kingdom

22. Vietnam

Around The U.S.

1. Alaska

2. Arizona

3. California

4. Colorado

5. Delaware

6. Florida

7. Hawaii

8. Idaho

9. Illinois


10. Indiana

11. Maryland

12. Massachusetts

13. Montana

14. Nebraska

15. Nevada

16. New Mexico

17. New York

18. Oregon


19. Pennsylvania

20. South Dakota

21. Tennessee

22. Texas

23. Utah

24. Virginia

25. Washington

26. Wyoming


Let’s Work Together

We would love to work with you! Just fill out our contact form and we will be in touch shortly!

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